Get UV Protection For Your Home or Business

Consider sun protection tinting for your building in the Golden, Denver, & Lakewood, CO area

It's well-known that the ultraviolet rays in sunlight can damage your skin, but what else can they do? Ultraviolet light can also damage items inside your building, like artwork and furniture. You can protect your investments by adding sun protection tinting to your windows. Jammin Films tints the windows of houses, condominiums and commercial buildings of all sizes and types in Golden, Denver, Lakewood, CO, and the surrounding area. Call 303-717-4804 now to find out about UV protection for your home or business.

Find out more about ultraviolet light damage

Find out more about ultraviolet light damage

Did you know for every 1,000ft that you go up in elevation, the UV damage is 10% worse? That means our mile high city is 50% worse when it comes to fading versus sea level.

Ultraviolet light has a bleaching effect over time, which isn't what you want for anything in your building. It can drain color out of prints, upholstery and paint. It also causes chemical changes that crack paper and leather, aging your belongings quickly. To protect your things, add sun protection tinting to your building right away. Our UV protection will also help you keep your home cool and save on electrical costs in warm weather.